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Our expertise in spraying wet paint is extensive. We can apply all types of paint from standard air drying and stove enamel to two pack epoxy. All the paint we use is lead free.

Experienced spray painters and powder coaters



Oven 1

3.8 mtrs long x 1.8 mtrs wide x 2.4 mtrs high


Oven 2

2.1 mtrs long x 2.1 mtrs wide x 2.1 mtrs high


Oven 3

2.1 mtrs long x 1 mtr wide x 2.1 mtrs high

We pride ourselves on the fact that most of the sheet metal companies in the local area have availed themselves of our facilities for many years.


The fact that these companies use us again and again is testimony to our ability to achieve a good quality finish at a reasonable cost.


Spraycraft Coatings Ltd for the last few years have painted the deck cranes for the RNLI lifeboats for COONEY MARINE LTD.


We have also been supplying all the powder coating and painting for SATRA TECHNOLOGY CENTRE LTD.


These are just two of the many customers that we supply our services to.

Achieving the right balance between cost and quality for 22 years

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Our history:


Spraycraft was established primarily to be the paint shop for A.W Fabrications, and was started in the small building at the side of their works.


As we became more established our customer base grew and our reputation for good work spread throughout Northamptonshire.


Spraycraft Coatings Ltd was formed from the original company and now operates from its current location in Irchester.